PokerStars Home Games

PokerStars recently created “Home Games”, a way of creating private online poker games to enjoy with your friends and family. I went ahead and created “Ryan’s Twin Cities Poker Club” and am inviting my friends and family to join. Sorry Tony, Poppy, Round Up, ZOMG et al… no sharks allowed. 😉

If you are reading this and have not yet received an email explaining how to sign up, please let me know in the comment section at the bottom.

Spring 2011

The current season is Spring 2011, and I will be hosting free weekly tournaments on Thursday nights @7pm CST. There will be 10 tournaments total, beginning February 10th and ending on April 14th. Every tournament will be no-limit Texas Hold’em, just like in the World Series of Poker you see on TV.

This is purely for fun, so no cash is required to participate. The winner will be awarded with bragging rights!

note: Point system has been changed!

Points will be awarded based on how many players enter the tournament. In a 20 player tournament, first place gets 20 points, second place gets 19 points, third place gets 18 points … all the way down to last place who gets 1 point. In addition to these base points, there are bonus points for the top 5 finishers. 1st through 5th place finishers receive 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 bonus point respectively.

If you have a conflict and need to miss a tournament or two or nine, it’s no problem… play when it is convenient for you.

The Spring 2011 points leaderboard is show below… Enjoy! I have also added a link in the sidebar for quick access to this page so that you can check your results.