Time to start the new year strong out of the gate!

Week 1 Goals

  • Analyze 1 hand each morning before playing
  • Close down internet browser while playing – no distractions!
  • Close down AIM while playing (sorry poppy…) – no distractions!
  • Play 15,000 hands
  • Redesign and improve my office space / declutter – pics to come once finished
  • Eat fruits / veggies with every meal, including breakfast
  • Drink green tea instead of soda if I need a pick-me-up mid day

Here’s a peak into my approximate daily schedule:

  • 7:30a, breakfast / hand analysis
  • 8a-11:30a, play
  • 11:30a, lunch / break
  • 12p-2:30p, play
  • 2:30p, break + snack
  • 3-5p, play
  • 5p, p90x?
  • 6p, dinner

This works out to about 7 hours of playing time. Jen has two night classes per week, so I can squeeze in another 2-3 hour session those nights as well. I think overall, I should be able to average about 8 hours of playing time / day. (whatdoyaknow… just like a full time job!)

My average 2010 hand rate was 237 hands / hr (filtered for >2 players and limit hold’em). I feel confident that if I commit to cutting out distractions, I should be able to up that average to 300 hands / hr (26% increase) or more. If I average 300 hands / hr and want to reach 15,000 hands, this works out to a 50 hour week (oof). Well, this will continue to be my goal for the 1st week and we’ll see how it goes.

I talked in my last post about taking care of my mind, body, and spirit to avoid burnout…

Mind: I want to challenge myself to really take breaks, mental and physical, from poker during those breaks I have scheduled. I will chase the cats around the house (Nala could use the exercise!), play some drums, maybe take a walk outside… anything to get away from the computer screen and to refresh my mind.

Body: I am going pay more attention to what I put into my body. It’s important to eat nutritious foods to keep my brain sharp and to avoid fatigue. I also plan to exercise to feel good.

Spirit: I want to get out once per week snowboarding with Jen for some fun play time. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’

Thanks again for reading, and good luck in 2011!