In the 1st two days of 2011 I have played almost completely distraction free. I have turned off AIM and my internet browser, which in turn has allowed me to fire up 6-8 tables instead of my regular 3-4. These extra tables have boosted my hand rate to about 450 hands / hour! I am kinda surprised that on only one or two brief occasions have I gotten that panicky overwhelmed feeling from being faced with too many decisions at once.

I skipped the p90x workout today and instead went for a walk / run outside. I always think the people that run outside in the MN winters are a little bit cookoo, but then again I do play poker for a living so I guess I should get out there and join them. 🙂

I just found a great poker blog, that includes this awesome chart (click here for a big version):

I want to use this chart more in the future and try to identify in which areas I am the weakest. I am pretty sure my weaknesses tend to float around in different areas, as I tend to go through phases. Keeping this chart handy will help remind me that every single area is important at all times for success.