I’ve been listening to a ton of classical music lately while playing. There is one song in particular that really seems to put me in the zone. I feel at peace with the universe, regardless of how variance is treating me. When I listen to it I am filled with a sense of satisfaction, relaxation, and gratitude that my ears are being filled with such beauty:

It helps that this tune is played at the end of Ocean’s 11 (one of my favorite movies), while the characters are observing the Bellagio Fountain show (my favorite water fountain!) in Las Vegas.

This song almost makes me want to get a piano and start taking lessons… who knows, maybe I will. 🙂 Any suggestions for songs similar to this one?

The end of the month has gone much better than the rest:


  • 77,526 hands, averaging 378 hands/hr – my previous record was just over 50,000 hands in a month.
  • 1.80 VPP/hand.
  • Had back-to-back best cash game days ever on Jan 28th and 29th, winning 350 bets on the 29th. As it turns out, hitting every single flush draw is pretty darn fun!
  • 20 “days off” booked, i.e. I am that many days ahead of SNE pace. I want to continue to book at least an additional 15 days / month until we travel to Seoul to pick up our Baby Boy Alex – at which point my playing time will be reduced dramatically! 🙂

I have been doing a lot of Hold’em Manager (HEM) filtering and finding some preflop leaks. It’s always nice when you discover preflop leaks because they are so trivial to fix once discovered.

I have also been doing a lot of HEM filtering on the opponents I play the most hands against. I have an idea for a future post about this topic. Stay tuned!