Six players again this week, and my first victory! I got big help on the first hand, being dealt AA vs straitnutz’s QQ and getting all in preflop.

New comer Seven-Duce01 had a strong showing, coming in 2nd place.

1st: ryanwold (+11 points)
2nd: Seven-Duce01 (+9 points)
3rd: optsyn (+7 points)
4th: rookie761 (+5 points)
5th: V4Verdure (+3 points)
6th: straitnutz25 (+1 point)

The current standings after 3 tournaments:

1st: ryanwold (28 points)
2nd: V4Verdure (18 points)
3rd: straitnutz25 (16 points)
4th: optsyn (16 points)
5th: Seven-Duce0 (9 points)
6th: badash867 (9 points)
7th: rookie761 (6 points)