In February I was a rakeback pro, essentially breaking about even at the tables (pre-rakeback).

Here’s how it looks in the context of 2011:

On the bright side, I just passed the one-quarter mark on my Supernova Elite Chase! I was able to add 15 additional ‘days off’ in February.

March Goals:

  • Get back to exercising at least 20 minutes every day. I have gotten really lazy in this respect.
  • Practice piano at least 20 minutes every day. Jen and I purchased an electric piano and started taking lessons. I may just post a video of page 1 of Claire de Lune later this month! 🙂
  • Distill my pokerstars-regs.xls reads spreadsheet into a more user-friendly format, clearly highlighting areas of each opponent’s game that might be unique and/or exploitable.

  • Observe the tables and review these notes before every session. See Tony’s excellent post on sizing up games.

  • Have the courage to actually use these reads at the tables. I think at least some fraction of my poor results in February were from ignoring my reads and making a decision that was more in my comfort-zone, which is just dumb in retrospect. I am spending all of this time developing reads. I need to cash in on this work by making exploitive calls, folds, and raises when the read calls for it.

Thanks for reading, and good luck at the tables!