I am taking my foot off the gas for the next month or two and cutting back on playing volume. This is going to allow me to table select better, start some new games and even get some heads up hands in. I am aiming to maintain my VPP pace at 2,740 VPP / day, such that I am earning at the average SNE pace (1,000,000 VPPs / 365 days). This will maintain the head start I already have.

Thanks for the suggestion in the anonymous comment last week… I am already feeling quite a bit better mentally. 🙂

On a different note, last week I spent a few hours reading a really interesting thread on 2p2. It is basically a Q&A with a guy who has made his living playing pool. I found some really good analogies to poker, and I want to point out one specifically regarding performance under pressure:


A final point is just general belief. Most good nerve players have a very advanced repertoire of shots that they either play or ignore consistently. They know what they can do, believe in it, and follow it religiously. Weak pressure players change gears in pool, taking on harder and reckless shots when ahead and becoming overly defensive when the self doubt kicks in and their brain starts playing tricks on them. Maintaining your ability to evaluate shot selection and difficulty is crucial to success under pressure, and you should very rarely be changing your shots because of how you feel. If you are playing badly just quit – some days you will just be off your game and need a long break.

That paragraph really hit home for me for poker. There are certain strategic plays that I consistently make with ease when playing my A-game, but often bypass when feeling tilted and playing my B or C-game.

On a third and final note, I am pretty excited for the twins games this year. We are splitting a season ticket package with a few other couples. The Home opener was yesterday, and we got to see a pregame F-16 flyover, a comeback Twins victory, and even got Alex his very first Twins jersey. Totally stoked!

Thanks for reading, and good luck at the tables!