Cliffs: If you want help take action, go here, here and here to send prewritten emails to key politicians.


As you probably already heard, the U.S. Department of Justice has blocked access to the three major online sites that served U.S. customers: Pokerstars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker, charging them with money laundering and bank fraud. Let it be clear: online poker players (there are an estimated 10 million Americans who play online each year) are not breaking any laws by playing poker online. In addition, there are around 50,000 Americans poker pros who have now had their primary income stream cut off because of these actions. -_-

There is a very strong push in the poker playing community, along with many key politicians, to license and regulate online poker companies in the U.S. There are currently two bills (well, one to be introduced any day now) in committee, and the more we lobby politicians from all angles, the better chance we have of pushing this legislation through. One of the key efforts is sending emails to the attorney general, congress, the president, and state lawmakers. If you want to help by quickly sending off some prewritten emails, please follow these links:

Send an Email to Attorney General Holder
Send an Email to Pres. Obama and Congress
Send an Email to Your State Lawmakers

Another rallying point has been hitting up key Facebook pages with comments. Check out the following pages to see the flood of support for online poker, and if you want to help, please ‘like’ these Facebook pages and post supportive comments:

House Committee on Financial Services
House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Please post a quick comment here if you send the emails and/or comment on the Facebook pages so that I can thank you for your support!

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Here are some articles following the aftermath of the April 15th shutdown of online poker by the DOJ.

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