Holy smokes, it has been over two years since my last blog post! (I say to the likely empty room before me). In that time I have become a Daddy, moved TWO times, and grown a pretty big passion for the trail running activity. I am planning to shift the focus of future blog updates heavily in that direction.

I did my first trail 25k earlier this May (the Superior 25k) and it proved to be a big learning experience. A 25k is really just a baby distance in the trail running world, but it sure whooped my butt. I experienced running-induced cramps for I think the first time ever. It was so much fun I immediately signed up for another trail 25k and a trail marathon.

I took much better care of myself nutrition and hydration-wise during the early July Afton 25k, finishing the race in a much quicker time while feeling much more comfortable.  The Afton and Superior trails are completely different beasts so it is impossible to compare times directly, but I will say I was definitely improved all-around at Afton.

Up next is the Moose Mountain Marathon in September. It can’t come soon enough… I am getting antsy!

I leave you with a picture from our recent Lake Tahoe trip – I hit the summit of Mt. Tallac in 1:40 before getting lost on the way back down. -_-

And playing with Alex on the beach later that day. Mt. Tallac is in the background above my head. 🙂