I demolished my hands goal by quite a bit, which I am really happy about. Cutting out the distractions has been huge. I am currently at 37,200 VPPs, while Supernova Elite pace is just 19,100. I have been playing about twice SNE pace which I would like to continue doing all month. Unfortunately my results have not been great, primarily due to a couple horrible sessions in which I lost about 300 big bets.

Looking back and referring to the chart in my previous post, I can attribute at least some of this downswing to a couple of weaknesses:

These two factors combined helped inflate the effects of running bad at the tables.

(Lack of) good sleep: I got woken up early by Nala (see below) pawwing at our bedroom door. I tend to get annoyed / bored laying in bed awake in morning, so I usually just opt to get up and start my day. That is one skill I need to work on – falling back asleep in the morning if I wake up too early. Any tips for quieting your mind in this situation?

Quitting as soon as you stop playing your A-game: There were a few occasions where the action was on me on the flop at 3 different tables, and I had know idea what the preflop action was. Ack! This was definitely related to my poor night of sleep. If this happens in the future I need to insta-quit all my tables and take a break, and maybe even take a nap.

Week Two

For week two I’d like to continue with the same approximate schedule. I am going to up my hand goal to 20,000 hands for the week. I also want to reinforce my strict no-distractions policy until it becomes a no-will-power-required habit. Here is an interesting article on creating habits.

Good luck at the tables, and thanks for reading!